Wajahat Abbas

PhD University of California Riverside, California, USA,

Art and Science Blog is established by Wajahat Abbas, a PhD student from the University of California Riverside, California, USA. He is expertise in environmental engineering and is and researcher. Inspired by a vision to provide accessible and credible science news to people worldwide, the blog was founded to offer well-rounded reporting, completely free of charge.

Despite the blog’s growth and achievements, the Art and Science Blog remains dedicated to being an inclusive and welcoming platform for all readers. The belief that science has the power to ignite curiosity, drive action, and foster positive change guides the blog’s ongoing mission to create a better future and a better world through accessible and insightful content.

Our Mission

At the Art and Science Blog, our aim is to inform and inspire our readers through engaging content at the intersection of art and science. As an independent online platform, we’re dedicated to sharing insightful articles, uncovering new discoveries, and exploring the wonders of both fields.

Our team of experienced writers delves into pressing scientific issues, as well as the latest mysteries and breakthroughs from around the world. We strive to ignite curiosity in our audience, encouraging them to visit us regularly, delve into intriguing topics, and broaden their perspectives along the journey.

Editorial Values

Committed to truth: At Art and Science Blog, we uphold strict editorial standards by thoroughly fact-checking every story to ensure the highest levels of integrity and accuracy. We refrain from overselling claims from preprint papers, studies with small sample sizes, or research solely based on animal models.

Accessible to all: Our journalists break down even the most complex topics, making the latest science news understandable and enjoyable for readers of all levels. We are committed to keeping our articles free for everyone.

Evidence-based: Grounded in evidence-based knowledge, our journalists delve deep into every concept, study, and method.

Correction Policy

At Art and Science Blog, we take great pride in our meticulous editorial process; however, we understand that errors can occasionally slip through. If you happen to notice any inaccuracies or typos in our content, we encourage you to contact us at Our comprehensive corrections policy can be found here.

Our mission at Art and Science Blog is to deliver reliable and easily accessible science news to a diverse global audience. To fulfill this objective, we adhere to the following principles:

We uphold the integrity of our journalism by ensuring accurate and responsible reporting, steering clear of sensationalism and misinformation.

We maintain complete editorial independence, free from any influence from funding sources such as display advertisements. Furthermore, we refrain from collaborating with organizations that undermine scientific research or hinder progress on urgent issues like climate change.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental to our work. We clearly distinguish between different types of editorial content and promptly rectify any errors that may arise.

Our editorial decisions are guided solely by evidence, devoid of any commercial or political biases. While covering topics with potential political implications, we prioritize evidence-based research and policy decisions.

We actively pursue inclusivity in our visual communications, striving to promote positive and thoughtful imagery while avoiding harmful stereotypes.


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